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To Rutland users of Landfill Collection Center:

We have contracted for single stream recycling.  For a full list, see our single sort list.

With this mix of recyclable items, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Rinse all food containers.  Metal and plastic food containers should be crushed to save space in the bins.
  2. All clean cardboard can be recycled, but boxes should be crushed so the cardboard can lay flat.
  3. No waxed paper or plastic bags can be recycled at this time.  If you use plastic bags or garbage bags to carry your recyclables, please empty the bags into the recyclable bins and then deposit the empty bags in the trash bins.
  4. Please do not dump garbage, tires, light bulbs and other non-recyclable items into the recycle bins.  The Town can be ‘fined’ by the processor if non-recyclables are mixed in with the recyclables. Any such fines would need to be passed along to the users of the collection center.

For a more complete list of what may and may not be recycled, please review the Single-Sort Recycling Instructions.  Their straight-forward Yes and No list is helpful.

If you have questions, please ask the attendant on Saturday.

Your cooperation is much appreciated!