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The collection center uses a single source recycling system. Residents do not need to separate the newspapers, cardboard, and magazines and other paper from the recyclable containers (glass, tin and aluminum cans, plastic food and laundry containers). All recycables can be mixed and placed in the green containers (dumpsters) at the collection center. These containers are emptied weekly and transported to a recycling center.

We strongly urge all residents to use extreme care to make sure that only recyclable materials go into these containers. To keep the volume down, we encourage all residents to crush all non-glass containers. The Town can be charged $100 each time a non-recyclable item is found in the recycle containers. We appreciate your cooperation.

More information is published in the Recycling Procedures page on this website.


The Collection Center is available for use by Town residents after obtaining an identification sticker (number). This number is available at the collection center with proof that you are a Town resident.

The Collection Center at 4232 CTH A will be open on Saturdays from 8 A.M. until 4 P.M.