Single-Sort Recycling Instructions

Yes No

Business Envelopes
(window type OK)
Business Forms
Cardboard (flattened)
Cereal/Detergent/Shoe Boxes
Computer/Copy/Fax/Typing Paper
File Folders
Junk Mail
Ledger/Scratch Paper
Manila Envelopes
(pressure sensitive OK)
Sticky Notes
Telephone Books

Food Containers

Aluminum/Steel/Tin Cans
Beer/Wine/Liquor Bottles
Food Jars
Glass Jars
(aseptic containers)
Ketchup Bottles
Narrow-Neck Plastic Bottles (regardless of the number on the bottom)
Pie Tin
Soda/Juice Bottles


Auto/Mirror or Tinted Glass
Blueprints/Overhead Transparencies
Carbon Paper
Hazardous Waste or Containers
Crystal Type Materials or Beverage Glasses
Disposable Diapers
Foil Type containers (alcohol wipes and direct mail samples)
Light Bulbs
Metal or Steel Objects such as nails, wire, hangers or case strapping
Paper Towels/Napkins or facial tissue
Pet Soiled Paper
Photography or Photographic Paper
Plastic Materials (take-out food trays, wrap, strapping, film cups)
Pyrex and other heat-resistant ovenware
Rubber Type Materials/Latex
Self-Adhesive Labels
Styrofoam Products
Wax Coated Products


  • Rinse food from containers
  • Break down all large items to maximize space
  • No trash, hazardous waster or food items
  • Do not block or place obstacles in front of recycling container