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To: Dane County Townships

From: Dane County Sheriff's Office

Bicycle riding on rural roads is very popular in Dane County.  There are many bicycle groups who enjoy organized rides, especially during the summer months.  This results in an increased number of bicyclists riding in rural areas of Dane County.  Motorists and citizens need to be mindful of their presence on the roadways.  Likewise, bicyclists need to be considerate of other motorists and residents.  Bicyclists are expected to obey all traffic laws or "rules of the road."   Traffic citations can be issued to bicyclists for violations.

The Dane County Sheriff's Office wants to remind residents of rural Dane County to also be mindful of their pets.  The Sheriff's Office continues to investigate numerous complaints regarding dogs at large, barking dogs, and dogs chasing bicycles and/or vehicles on the roadway.  In some instances bicyclists have sustained injuries after being chased by a dog.

Fines for the following ordinance violations will be enforced if necessary and can be costly.

47.16 (1) Failure to obtain a dog license $150.00
47.17 (1) Allowing a dog to run at large $150.00 - 367.00
47.19 (1) Keeping a barking dog $131.40 - $243.00


These laws are in place for the safety of your dog, as well as the general public. Please be courteous to your neighbors and others using our roadways by keeping your dog leashed or restrained when outside. If you need to report a violation, please call the Dane County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number 608-266-4948.