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Radio Tower Document Archive

Communication Tower Siting Ordinance


FM radio station WBKY, previously located in Portage, WI, would like to move to Stoughton, WI. They proposed building 488-foot guyed lattice antenna structure and equipment shelter in the Town of Rutland on property owned by Stoughton Farms south of 3768 Old Stage Road. The tower was to be adjacent to a gravel pit, tucked into a grove of trees nearly equidistant from Old Stage Road,North Union road, Union-Dane Road, and Shady Willow Road.

Obtaining local approval to construct the tower site was the final step in WBKY's quest to move its station. According to code, the applicant must address a public interest evaluation showing the balance between the environmental and visual impact of the tower compared to other positve and mitigating factors.

A public hearing was held on February 17, 2011 at the Town Hall to discuss this issue. Ultimately the Town Board turned down the application. Their decision was supported by the Dane County Board in August, 2011.

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