Location of Rutland Township and Key Sites

Town Hall & Garage

The Town Hall is located at 785 Center Road in Stoughton, WI. Go east on Cty A from Hwy 14 to Center Rd. Then south to the Town Hall.

Clerk's Office

4177 Old Stage Rd.
Brooklyn, WI 53521

The clerk's office is located 1.6 mile southeast of Hwy 14 on Old Stage Rd.


Recycling Collection Center

The Collection Center is located at 4232 County A.
Turn east off Hwy 14 onto County A or travel west past Flint Road on County A.


EMS Fire Protection

The Town of Rutland is served by three fire districts.  The map below shows which district provides service to each part of the town.

Boundaries shown below are approximate.  If you are uncertain about which district serves your property, please call or write Town Clerk Dawn George.

Phone: (608) 455-3925

School Districts