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Town of Rutland Public Hearing Notice

November 9, 2017 at 6:30 P.M.

The Rutland Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rutland Town Hall/Garage at 785 Center Rd. to consider a Conditional Use Permit #2396 petition by SAC Wireless, agent for Thomas Martinson, to allow construction of a 199' cell tower. The location of this proposed tower is northeast of 4614 County Highway A.

Download Application    See Third Party Report

It is anticipated the Rutland Planning Commission and Board meetings will commence immediately following the Public Hearing.

Note: The Dane County Public Hearing on this petition will be held at the City County Building on October 24, 2017 at 6:30 in room 354. If you have questions, please email Majid Allan or call 267-2536.

Published October 19, 2017

Town Update August 2017

It's been a busy summer in the Town! This summer all the roads in Ol Stone Estates were completely rebuilt. This was a massive undertaking with the large number of driveway cuts required. Nels and Dennis have just finished putting gravel on the shoulders and the roads look great, see the attached photos! We've also welcomed Dave Grueneberg to the Board as our newest Supervisor. Check out our new photo of the Board, Clerk and Treasurer! We have some volunteer opportunities for interested residents! First, we have two open vacancies on the Town Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is responsible for hearing proposed land use petitions, ensuring they are compatible with the Town's Comprehensive Plan and helping Town landowners use their property as they see fit. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Town Board which then acts on them. We are also forming a small committee to assist with the Budget process. This mini-finance committee will review the Town's current and future capital spending plans and needs and help formulate budget plans to help us keep Town finances secure while funding important projects within the Town. This committee will be advisory in nature and will make recommendations to the Board for consideration.

If you have an interest in serving on either of these, please email the Town Chair with a brief description of your background and interest.

An update on Town internet issues. Unfortunately there has been little movement on this. The various carriers, wired and wireless, that service the town have no major plans to bring enhanced internet to the Town. Our problem, as with many other rural areas in Wisconsin, is a lack of density while the cost to provide enhanced services is very expensive. We have had one wireless carrier, AT&T, propose additional cell towers to provide better and broader coverage for parts of the Town. In the meantime, the best advice is to investigate all potential options and test them to see what will work the best for your situation and location within the Town. We will continue to track this topic and see what new opportunities may arise in the future.

As we enter budget season, our primary interest resolves around funding town road repairs and replacement. While we've been keeping up with road maintenance, the new winter reality makes it likely that we'll see more need to repair and replace our 46 miles of road. To that end, we've updated our road condition inventory and have identified 8+ miles that will be our next goal for rebuilding. The needs for this are part of what will drive our capital spending plans, along with a plan for a remodeled or new town hall and the various equipment replacements for the 2 fire districts that service the Town.

As always, all Town Officials appreciate any feedback from residents on Town issues, contact us by email or phone at 608-455-3925 and let us know what issues are affecting our Town!

Town of Rutland officials Nov. 2015

Town of Rutland Officials

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