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Information from The Wisconsin Policy Forum

The Wisconsin Policy Forum strives to produce relevant and high-quality public policy research that helps generate informed and fact-based public policy decision-making. Comprehensive reports, Focus newsletters, and The Wisconsin Taypayer magazine cover a range of topics, including government finance, economic and workforce development, education, and social services.

The Wisconsin Taxpayer - State and Local Tax Burden Falls:

A key way to compare tax burdens across states and across time is to look at them as a share of taxpayers' personal income, or their ability to pay. Here our annual look at state and local taxes as a share of income finds them at the lowest levels in Wisconsin Policy Forum records going back to 1970.   Read More

Property Value and Taxes:

The Wisconsin Policy Forum property tax and values report is an annual publication that measures trends in property values and examines how they impact the capacity of local governments and school districts in southeast Wisconsin to raise revenues. This year, we present this publication as an interactive, web-based report. Given our new statewide focus, we also provide an additional resource that includes key property tax and value information for each of the state's 72 counties.   Read More

Juggling Priorities - Comparing the Budgets of Wisconsin's Largest Communities:

The fierce fiscal challenges facing the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County are well documented and include growing pension costs, vast infrastructure repair needs, and stagnant revenue streams. A comparison with other large cities and counties in Wisconsin finds some similarity on spending pressures, but a more difficult fiscal climate overall in Milwaukee.   Read More

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