General Tax information: Escrow Payments are your responsibility to verify payment. No receipt is sent unless requested. Please Sign your Escrow checks if made out to you and the Town or they will be returned for signature. **I will verify any Tax or Escrow payment received via email request. **Receipts will be mailed upon request. Please include a Self-Addressed, Stamped envelope with request. To Avoid Delay in Payments…… --Please mail early enough to arrive before deadline. US Mail can be slow. --Make sure check is written out properly; date, correct amount and signed --December payments must be paid in December. Postmark not accepted. --Payments are credited when received, not by date on check. **Overpayments are issued once in January and in February. **No Refund issued if less than $2. $40 NSF Fee on Returned Checks **Credit Card Payment option on website. Kim at Tax Payment Information **No In Person Payments Due to Covid-19** **Payments by mail -Enclosed with your tax bill is a blue addressed envelope for your convenience to mail tax payment to Treasurer. -Please mail early for timely delivery. -Please include a Self-Addressed Stamped envelope if you would like a receipt. Mail to: Town of Rutland Treasurer 1192 Starr School Rd Stoughton WI 53589 **Drop Box is located at the end of Treasurer’s driveway. Clearly marked “Town of Rutland”. Please do not put Tax payments in US Mailbox.